Attending Recruiters

AOL News
American University
Located in the nation’s capital, American University’s School of Communication (SOC) is a laboratory for professional graduate education, communication research and innovative production in the fields of journalism, film and media arts, and public communication, working across media platforms and with a focus on public affairs and public service.
Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
Shape the future of journalism Your first semester at the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism is immersed in multimedia reporting. Last fall’s incoming class designed Mission Local, a news site with the aim of “covering a neighborhood fairly and thoroughly, (to) build community and a sustainable model for quality journalism.” As the three student reporters who picked up Mission Local’s Webby Award said in their five-word acceptance speech, “Thank you, journalism lives on.” The next three semesters are equally as exciting: students choose from a large variety of advanced reporting classes – documentary, magazine, new media, newspaper, radio, photojournalism and television as well as: business, community, international, investigative, political, science, environment, and more. The Berkeley J-School keeps its class sizes small and its course offerings rich and varied.
Columbia’s master’s programs provide journalists with a unique opportunity to hone and deepen their journalistic abilities at any point in their careers. Our mission is to give students the tools that will help them over the long term as journalists. These include intensive individual coaching in writing and reporting provided by the nationally renowned journalists on our faculty. They train students in journalistic techniques; familiarize them with all forms of journalistic media; teach them the history of our profession; and introduce them to the substance of complicated subjects that can’t be understood through simple intuition. For more information about our programs and scholarship opportunities, visit their website at
Demand Studios
Demand Studios produces thousands of articles a day to a large network of premium media brands. To accomplish this, we employ a vast network of freelance writers and editors. With a virtually unlimited supply of work, we are always recruiting experienced, passionate, creative professionals to join our community. With Demand Studios, you can work as much as you want from wherever you want. With a variety of topics to write on and a weekly paycheck – our freelance jobs are both flexible and reliable.
High Gear Media
High Gear Media is a vertical publishing company building a network of owned-and-operated websites for car consumers targeting every interest and lifestyle. The company owns and operates over 40 car sites and through its open content platform, allows anyone to publish automotive content with a simple sign in.
89.3 KPCC, Southern California Public Radio
Patch Media

Patch is a community-specific news and information platform dedicated to providing comprehensive and trusted local coverage for individual towns and communities. We want to make the lives of our users better by giving them quick access to the information that’s most relevant. Patch makes it easy to: keep up with news and events; look at photos and videos from around town; learn about local businesses; participate in discussions; submit your own announcements, photos, and reviews. Patch is run by professional journalists — editors, writers, photographers and videographers — who live in or near the communities we serve, and is supported by a great team in our New York City headquarters.

New York Times
Voice of America
The Voice of America is one of the world’s most trusted sources for news and Information. VOA uses radio, television and the internet to reach to every corner of the world in 45 languages.

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