ONA09 hotel rate reduced to $199

May 31, 2009 | By | Category: Attending ONA09, General News

Good news! The ONA09 room rate at the Hilton San Francisco has been reduced from $259 to $199 a night.

The economy hasn’t been kind to the media industry, so it’s understandable that you’re being extra careful about where you spend your training dollars or, in many cases, your own dollars. We hope this helps.

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    Hotel room rate for #ONA09 drops to $199 a night [link to post] (via @ONA09) Conference is Oct. 1-3. Will you be there?

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    Hotellprisen settes ned på verdens største konferanse for nettjournalister – kommer du? [link to post] via @addthis

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    @Mags9 Skal du dra, din luring?

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    @_e2_ jepp – i disse krisetider fikk jeg reisestipend og drar med en kollega fra FB. Plass igjen både på fly og hotell. #ONA09 http://bi

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    @Mags9 hadde vært artig, ja! Hva blir prisene?

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    @Mags9 bra for oss:-)

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